Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thank-You Dinner

This week we hosted a special thank-you dinner for our community volunteers. We had about 50 guests and after a small presentation, we served them a nice candle-lit dinner.

Our staff dressed in black & white and we served and spoiled them for the night. This is the most recent staff photo we have as well...Samy and Werling are missing because they are still in Isla Fuerte but in the back is Conny, Judith, Jorge, Robin and Grace. In the front, Marley, Karen, Josefina and Erika.

Jorge shared a special word of thanks and told some stories and we also showed them a power-point presentation full of photos of themselves and all the work they had done with us over the last year or so.

We also arranged for some special entertainment straight from Bocachica! We had Luis Fernando, Marlon and Neiver do their Christian Champeta Rap and everybody loved it.

Maybe you remember Juan Carlos, who is a chef and used to be on staff with us? Now he lives in Cartagena and has a pizzeria. He was very kind and generous to come out and cook for us that night.

One of our Bocachica teens, Yeison, has the dream of becoming a chef one day so we invited him to come and be Juan Carlos´helper that night. He worked hard and it was a real blessing to have his help! But the best part was just seeing his excitement over having worked with a chef. I was wondering if this experience might change his mind about the whole thing because it is a lot of hard work...but after dinner that night he was on cloud 9 and he kept telling us how much he loved it! I think this helped give him a little taste of what it might be like to be a chef some day.

Judith serving at one of the tables.

Nerilda, Dianey, Jenny and Danubia all work in our Children´s Feeding Center.

We really hope they all had a good time and felt honored and blessed!

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