Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Home Improvements

We have been working on the bedrooms in our house the last month or two and are almost finished. We still have a few details to complete in each room but so far we have put in new windows (done last year), crown molding, had the walls stuccoed and painted, changed the closet doors, bought furniture, and decorated, although I still have to hang things on the walls. We still have one bedroom to go but we are really happy about the progress so far.

We are eternally grateful to friends and family members who have made this possible through offerings and donations (curtains, linens, knickknacks, etc...)!!

Here are some before and after shots ... the purple room is mine and Jorge´s, the red room is our guest room and the green room is currently being used by our friends, Astrid (who is living with us right now) and Marley (who comes a few days each week to work on the bookkeeping).

Jorge taking out the old windows.

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