Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Boat Out of Drydock!

On Saturday, April 4th, we were finally able to take the boat out of drydock! What we thought would be a 10 to 12 day project turned out to take 25 days! Which of course means more money, time and energy...but thank God, He provided all we needed!! Below are more photos of the continued process of carpentry and fiberglass repairs and getting her back into the water. What a blessing and an answer to prayer to see this project completed!! Now the boat is anchored once again in Bocachica, awaiting the arrival of her new motor from Germany. It could take several months to get it here but we will keep you posted.

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Andrew Burnett said...

Great to see the boat back in the water - she looks beautiful!! Will be continuing to pray that your "Mini Mercy Ship" will soon be in ministry to the peoples of the Caribbean coast.

Andrew Burnett
Mission Trek
Portland, OR