Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Staff Stuff

A recent photo of our staff and a few extra friends & volunteers from the community.

Erika has served with us for over 6 years and last month we named her as the Operations Director of the mission in Bocachica. She is hoping to attend the YWAM School of English in Richmond, Virginia in the Fall and then return to continue on staff.

Conny, from Germany, has served as our mission nurse for the past 6 1/2 years. Currently she is working in a new area at the mission, in the area of Family Follow-up and Discipleship with our Child Sponsorship Program.

Yolanda, was with us again for several months, overseeing the Infirmary. A few days ago she returned home to Bogotá.

New short-term staff member, Alexandra, is working in the Hospitality Department and trying to raise the funds to do her DTS in the summer.

Katherine completed her DTS last year and joined our staff with a 2 year commitment. She is currently working in Hospitality.

Daniel Sohl, from Germany, has been with us since December and plans to stay until July. He completed our Mini-DTS in February and is working in a variety of areas such as community construction projects and maintenance.

Josefina was home in Mexico on vacation and just returned with a new 2 year commitment. She will be on our Children´s Ministry Team, overseeing the Feeding Center.

Robin and Grace... Grace, from South Korea, served on staff for 5 months and just returned back home to prepare for her June wedding!

Yorcelis, from Bocachica, is with us for 3 months, serving in the Infirmary.

Grant, from Oregon, was with us for a month and just returned to the USA a few days ago.

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