Saturday, June 06, 2009

Last week in Bocachica

A few random shots from my time in Bocachica last week:

My brother, Kurt and sis-in-law, Lucha visit with their sponsor child, Enke.

Kurt and Lucha...checking out the new internet connection in Bocachica!

Jon, Belinda, Alexandra, Morena, Samy, Daniel, Conny, Lucha, Erika, Kurt, Josefina, Enke, Pilar, Guillermo and Pibe.

Morena and me...she doesn´t look too happy in this photo but she really was!

Alexandra cleaning the showers.

Werling bringing salt water from the bay to flush toilets.

Josefina and Daniel upstairs chatting.

Pili heading to the office to start her morning interviews with the sponsorship kids.

Guillermo mopping his bedroom.

Jon and Belinda stop by for a visit.

Conny mopping the back porch.

Erika doing the dishes.


Geoff Gentry (aka xforce11) said...

Looks like a busy but fun week. PL is moving on up with internet!

The Durhams said...

Internet on Bocachica??? Wow! Tell Jon we miss him tons!

Scott and Jamie