Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trip to ¨Eje Cafetero¨

We just got back from a great week traveling with my brother, Kurt and my sister-in-law, Lucha. We were in the Eje Cafetero which is the Coffee Region of Colombia which includes the states of Quindío, Risaraldas and Caldas. We also spent a few days in Medellin. There are more photos that I hope to add in the near future. But for now check these out and to see the complete album CLICK HERE!

We got our photos taken dressed up as Colombian coffee farmers at the National Coffee Park.
Beautiful countryside views as we travel through the mountains.

Lucha and Kurt with our friend, Jorge Colmenares, on the Metro Cable in Medellin.

With our friend, Elizabeth, in Santa Rosa de Cabal, where the hot springs are located.

Lucha, her mom, Esther, me and Elizabeth in the park in Santa Rosa de Cabal.

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Sandi said...


You guys are very cute coffee farmers!