Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July with the Minnesota Team

The last 10 days we have been hosting the second annual team from North Heights Lutheran Church in Arden Hills, Minnesota. Yesterday we had a great day celebrating the 4th of July (although in all honesty is was just a coincidence that our fun day happened to fall on the 4th). The team invited all of our staff to go on a day trip to the Cocoliso resort in the Rosario Islands National Park. Here are some photos of our day...but don't get the wrong idea. The last days have not been all beach and palm trees for these guys. They have been working SO HARD...doing latrines and floors for families in the community and making cement bricks for our clinic construction as well as other things such as ministering with the elderly, youth and kids. One of their biggest challenges was bringing a load of 1 ton of fresh sand from Cartagena. This is extremely hard work and they did it with awesome attitudes! What a blessing they have been. They were a great group of young adults and they clicked so well with our staff!

Erika and Josefina on the boat heading out to the island.

Robin and Werling.

Conny and Enke.
Marley and Samy.

My friends visiting from Cincinnati, the Rains Family, were able to join us for the day!

Ben, the team leader with Robin.

Enke and Daniel.

Guillermo tackling someone...he is very mischievous. :)

Fun in the pool.

Nap time for Conny and Katherin.

Jon taking advantage of the free time and the hammocks!

Robin taking a nap while listening to his famous little radio.

Erika and Josefina in the ocean.

Goofing off.

Guillermo tackling someone else...again...see, I told you he is mischievous.
Some of the group did a hilarious synchronized swimming routine that had everyone around the pool clapping and cheering them on (and cracking up laughing) but I was in the water at the time so I didn't get a photo of that...I am hoping that one of these days the video will surface on Facebook! :)

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