Monday, August 05, 2013

Jorge's Paintings

Some of you might not be aware of this but one of Jorge's favorite hobbies is to paint.  He really enjoys doing abstract art but is also good at painting scenery.  He paints with a teacher/friend who teaches him different techniques as he goes.  He is planning on taking a class later this year. When he was younger he took a class and loved it but 30 years had passed by since he had painted anything.  Late last year he decided to take up the hobby again.

Here are a few of the pictures he's painted recently:

This is a Bocachica sunset.  He gave this painting to the daughter of some friends of ours who was celebrating her "quincenera"... her 15th birthday.  When she was little she always loved to visit us in Bocachica so he made this for her as a keepsake.

 This is another Bocachica sunset that he painted from a photograph taken by a doctor (Dr. Dennis Stone) who served with us during a medical brigade in 2008.

This is an abstract showing the power of the Cross to lift us up out of our turmoil and messes.

This is a scene of Venice, Italy where we visited in 1998.

He just finished another one this past Saturday but it is being framed right now so as soon as he brings it home I'll post a photo.

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