Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Road Trip!

After the wedding festivities were over we embarked on a 2-week road trip with Jorge's brother, his wife and 2 daughters, our niece, Galia (Gaby's twin sister) and our friend from Colombia, Yolanda, who also came for the wedding.  There were 8 of us in total, riding in 2 vehicles.  We drove from Laredo, TX to Mobile, AL the first night and then to N.C. the second night where we stayed for a week and then we set off for NYC, to see the sights of the city!  This was their first time to travel in the USA and of course their first time to NYC so it was quite exciting!!  Since my brother-in-law is a member of one of those holiday clubs, we were able to stay at a really nice hotel right in the heart of midtown Manhattan!  I never in a million years dreamed that we would be staying right on Madison Avenue with our Mexican family and taking in the sights of NYC!!  I still can't believe it happened!!  Here are a few photo highlights of our time together but if you want, you can see even more photos HERE!

Visiting a dairy farm in NC.
I have to give a special shout-out of THANKS to our friend, Sandra Hart (pictured above on the left), who very generously and graciously opened her home to our family while they were in NC.  Not many people would be willing to host 7 Spanish speaking strangers for a whole week but she did and we are so blessed and thankful!!
Climbing Hanging Rock with our friends, the Southern's.
At Grand Central Terminal.

Galia and Rocio on the ferry to Liberty Island.

Jorge and I with Lady Liberty.

One of my personal highlights was worshiping at Times Square Church!

At the United Nations Headquarters.

Galia and I at the Rockefeller Ice Rink.

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