Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Wedding Adventures

Since we got our car a month and a half ago, we have driven 5000 miles!!

Last month we drove down to Mexico for our niece's wedding celebration.  It took us 2 days to get there and along the way we got to visit with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Betty in Alabama.

Once in Mexico we had a great time seeing our family again!  Several came up to Nuevo Laredo for the wedding and there were 21 of us sharing one bathroom for three days!  We had fun spending time together in between the wedding festivities... staying up late talking, sitting around together, eating and laughing.  We slept in every available spot...some in beds, some on the pull-out sofa bed and others on the floor.

Our first day there, Jorge and I were able to be present at our nieces civil wedding.  In most Latino countries a wedding consists of two ceremonies:  a civil  (legal) wedding ceremony, and a church (religious) wedding ceremony.  Our niece, Gaby, was just 4 months old when Jorge and I got married and since we have watched her grow up, it was especially meaningful to be able to be with her on this special occasion.

The church wedding was held the day after the civil wedding at a Catholic church.

After the wedding there was a big sit-down dinner and party for over 400 people that went on until 2am, complete with plenty of Mexican wedding traditions and fun.

After that party ended they moved it to the groom's aunt's house where the party continued on all night long and all the next day.  After a nap the newlyweds hosted a barbeque and later opened wedding gifts.

We love our Gaby and wish her and Toño all the best in the years to come!

There are lots more wedding photos here!

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