Friday, November 07, 2014

More from Jorge in Bucaramanga


Jorge and some of his friends enjoying their day off, exploring the quaint town of Giron.

My handsome hubby.

We have an inside joke about this popular soft-drink in Colombia called Pony Malta ... probably about 17 years ago, soon after we first moved to Cartagena, one day I was doing grocery shopping at the outdoor market in Cartagena and I wasn't feeling very well.  While I was in the meat department I almost passed out and several of the butchers came to my rescue, bringing me a chair and fanning me.  I was kind of out of it hunched over on the chair but I could hear them fussing about what to bring me...a coke, a sprite...something!  And then one of the butchers said to another, "No, bring her a Pony Malta!!!"  Well, I hate Pony Malta so I found enough strength to sit up straight, open my eyes wide, and plead with them... "Noooo!!!  Pony Malta, NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!"  And then the butchers all turned and looked at me and scoffed at me, now convinved that I couldn't be too bad off after all!  I guess you had to be there...but it was funny!  So now, anytime someone offers me a Pony Malta, the first thing that comes to my mind, and sometimes out of my mouth is, "No!!! Pony Malta NOOOOOO!!!!"  

Do ya'll think that someone might be missing his wife about now??? 
Yeah, Jorge is washing his laundry by hand...all by himself!  
Poor thing!

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