Monday, December 01, 2014

A Great Thanksgiving!

We had a really great Thanksgiving this year...made special for a few reasons:

1.  House renovations were completed and mom and I got moved in and ready THE DAY all our company arrived!  Phew!!  Check out mom's beautiful new kitchen!

2.  Jorge got back from Colombia in time to spend the holidays with me!!  It was so good to have him back after 2+ months apart!  

3.  After many, many years of being far away from family on Thanksgiving, it was so nice to be TOGETHER for this one!

4.  Good eatin'!

5.  Kurt, Lucha and Sam visiting from Colorado! (My brother and SIL)

6.  Our friend, Nini, visiting from CHILE!!  We first met Nini when she came to Bocachica with a team from her church and then we met up with her again on our 2012 trip to Chile.  Now Nini is studying in a Master's program at Duke University, just a few miles up the highway!

7.  Our newlywed friends, Mariceli and Rob, visiting from Charlotte.  Mariceli recently moved to the USA from Colombia and she and Rob JUST got married a few days before Thanksgiving!  We first met Rob many years ago when he led outreach teams to Bocachica from the YWAM-Denver base.

8.  Having an international gathering right in our own living room!  Over the weekend we had five countries represented:  USA, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil!


9.  Being with my Mama!!

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