Sunday, August 03, 2008

Turn Up The Volume!

Do you have your speakers on???? Keepin´up with the Silva´s will now feature Colombian background music!! Enjoy!!


MamaBear said...

How cool is that???1!!!!
And I have nowhere to get spanish music, and really wouldn't want to try, as I wouldn't be able to translate well enough to know if it was ok or not! Thanks for this!!

Brief Notes from the Barretts said...

I've been trying to put music on my blog. How did you do that?
I love it

Jorge and Karen Silva said...

Well, I actually figured it out by snooping around some other people´s have to sign up to and pick out some songs you like, add them to your list and then there is a link to upload them to your blogger site. IMEEM isn´t the most user friendly site in my opinion but it´s not hard to figure out either. They have a FAQ section that gives some basic info. Have fun!! Glad you liked it! :)

Anne said...

Good for people to know.